Have you Juul’d a CBD Vape Pod?

Have I what? – You might be asking yourself what Juul means if you are not familiar with the wide range of vape devices available in the market nowadays. But don’t worry; keep reading this article and we are sure you will seriously consider getting yourself a brand new Juul to take in your daily dose of cannabidiol.

Juul: The Most Innovative Vape Pen in the Market.

When a group of scientists, engineers and designers in California decided to come up with a vaporizer that worked as a clean alternative to cigarettes for smokers around the world, they did not imagine that their product would become extremely popular among CBD consumers. This high-quality device is nowadays used by customers all over the United States who enjoy the beneficial properties of cannabidiol using pre-filled cartridges compatible with their Juul vaporizers.

Among the many characteristics that make Juul devices stand in front of the competition, their long-lasting batteries are certainly appreciated by customers. One full charge can last up to about 200 puffs, and recharging your vaporizer is as simple as detaching its small dock and plugging it to any USB port. As it is not possible to overcharge the device, many users simply keep them plugged overnight and use them throughout the whole day.

Refillable vape pens often require users to mix their e-liquids with carrier oils or flavors and then drip them inside the device’s chamber. This is usually a messy process that takes time and is not particularly convenient. Juul’s system of disposable pods make it easy to take your vape pen wherever you go, and simply replace its CBD cartridge once you run out of liquid.

Finally, Juul’s are definitely the best-looking vape pens in the market. Measuring only 3.5 inches, this device has been created by a team of expert designers. The result: an elegant, thin and discrete vape pen you can use wherever you are.

Juul Vaporizers and CBD Cartridges: The Perfect Combination

While Juul does not offer CBD pods on its website, there are a few companies in the cannabidiol market that have designed cartridges compatible with the device. As always, before choosing one, it is important that you do some research on their individual selection and extraction processes, as well as the reviews left by previous customers.

One of the most renowned manufacturers of CBD Juul Pods is Diamond CBD  www.diamondcbd.com. This company is known for its compliance with the highest quality standards in the industry. Their cannabidiol vapes start from organic, non-GMO hemp plants grown in the United States, and carefully selected to include only the best strains. While Diamond CBD  www.diamondcbd.com offers a wide range of tinctures, edibles and other CBD-infused products, their Juul Pods are especially popular among vapers.

As the taste of raw hemp is rather strong and bitter, Diamond CBD  www.diamondcbd.com offers its cannabidiol cartridges in four different flavors for customers to choose from. Furthermore, this Florida-based company offers free nationwide shipping on al orders above $100, so if you have decided to make the investment and start vaping your daily dose of cannabidiol, you can save some money by getting yourself a few ready-to-use pods and never run out of CBD.

Juul CBD pods work just as the company’s regular cartridges. Simply take them out of their package, remove their protective cap and plug them at the top of your Juul vaporizer. Make sure your device is fully charged by tapping it twice to show its battery level and start vaping right away!

 Juul CBD Pods with Delicious Fruity Flavors

Whether you have a personal favorite or prefer to try them all, Diamond CBD’s four different flavors are the perfect ingredient to your vaping experience. Their pre-filled Juul vape pods contain CBD e-liquid infused with extracts from tropical and forest fruits. Among the most popular ones, their Mango CBD Vape Pods are particularly praised for its resemblance to the taste of actual mango.

Diamond CBD’s Juul Pods can also be ordered in their Blueberry, Strawberry and Watermelon flavors, all of which are made with safe ingredients and subject to third-party laboratory tests to ensure their compliance with quality standards and relevant regulations.

Are CBD Juul Pods Legal in the United States?

One of the reasons for Juul to be so popular among vapers in the US is its high-quality standards, being one of the few companies complying with California’s Proposition 65 and the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances. These devices do not produce any chemicals or components that might pose a risk to your health, and their batteries also meet the relevant safety standards regarding forced failure and drop testing.

On the other hand, all Diamond CBD  www.diamondcbd.com products contain less than 0.3% THC, making them legal to be sold and consumed across the entire territory of the United States. As CBD is the non-psychoactive component of the hemp plant, regulations such as the recently-passed Farm Bill differentiate them from what was previously englobed in the “cannabis products” category.

But legality is not everything! As there are few regulations for CBD businesses, many companies produce tinctures, e-liquids and vape pods with dubious ingredients or poor-quality methods. Diamond CBD’s Juul Pods are organic, Non-GMO certified, and THC-free.

Why Should I Use Juul Vape Pods Instead of Other CBD Products?

One word can answer this question: bioavailability. This term refers to the percentage of a substance that is actually absorbed into the body with regards to the original amount. While many CBD edibles have large concentrations of cannabidiol, the fact that they have to go through the whole digestive system makes them loose much of their effectiveness.

When testing the different degrees of bioavailability in CBD products, vape liquids are always at the top of the list. Unlike edibles and tinctures, the beneficial properties of cannabidiol and terpenes are absorbed directly through your lungs and into the circulatory system. This is the reason why you are able to feel their effects much faster and enjoy a sense of calm and relaxation for longer.

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